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Monday, February 25, 2013

My Brain is Working Overtime

Rather than share a lengthy blog entry this week, allow me to just share a few questions to ponder. The questions may not mean anyone else but me. Judging by what I am hearing from Children's Ministry leaders across the nation, these questions cause me to be very concerned.

* Why is a salvation altar call almost non-existent in children's services?
* While having fun is an essential element of children's ministry, where are the somber moments that allow the Holy Spirit to grip the very core of our children's heart?
* Why is receiving an offering just a part of the check-off to-do list of the service rather than an act of worship?
* Why is the content of teaching and ministry more like cotton candy fluff instead of life-changing Rhema (red-letter) words from heaven?
* When was the last time that you heard or taught about the full package delivered on Calvary's cross?
* Why is prayerless preparation and prayerless delivery the norm rather than the exception in our ministries?
* Why is Book of Acts children's ministry only provided to the fortunate few that can afford to attend a Kid's Camp or children's ministry retreat while the majority of children sitting in children's churches and mid-week Bible clubs are never given that opportunity?
* Why is it the greatest majority of the children (and staff) in Pentecostal/Charismatic churches would be like the Ephesian Christians in Acts 19 and would answer, "We didn't even know that there is a Holy Ghost"?
* Is the "these signs will follow those who believe" (Mark 16) only relegated to adult Christians?

Believe it or not, I have plenty more questions to ponder. But, this is enough to hopefully stir the children's ministry pastors and leaders. If you have any response, you can write me at

Monday, February 18, 2013

Are You Getting the Bang for Your Buck?

While recently sitting at a meal with several men, I was intrigued as I listened to their conversation about investing money. I learned about a start up company that is having exponential growth in the technology field and is producing great yields for its investors. I also learned about companies that at one time showed great potential but made poor choices and is now seeing its investors bail out. It was quite enlightening to learn how these men valued their financial investments and the caution being used to maximize its returns. 

While you and I might not be in the stock market, it is safe to say that in these shaky financial times we are all careful in how we use our money. We tend to be far more frugal. We are careful to not waste what is difficult to get. We want each and every dollar to go as far as possible don't we.

Can we say the same about our children's ministry? What is the return or yield in your ministry? In our children's ministry, we have some children that are with us each and every weekend. Others come every other weekend. Then there are those that I call the CEO's (Christmas and Easter Only). This means that I have the opportunity to minister to some children 90 minutes each week. Others will be for 90 short minutes out of a 14 day period. Then there are the children that I will only have 90 or 180 minutes during the entire year. What is the return on our "investment"? What is being accomplished in those precious few minutes?

Here is the litmus test that shows the return on your ministry's investment. I draw this test from a quote attributed to Smith Wigglesworth. "If you leave people as you found them, God is not speaking by you." At the end of those precious few minutes of ministry, have the children's lives been changed? Has the Holy Ghost spoken and drawn the children closer to Jesus? Has the Word of God touched the very core of the children's hearts? If not, then it is safe to say that we are wasting our investment. Those 90 minutes aren't yielding what God wants from our ministry. 

Take a few minutes and examine your "stock" portfolio. It might be wise to do some shifting and changing so that you can maximize the yield and return. Boys and girls destinies are depending on your choice.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Let's Eliminate Wacky Tabacky Ministry

A few years ago, I came across an individual who had attended one of our Ignite the Supernatural Conferences. In reconnecting with this person they were so kind in their compliments of the conference. It truly had made an impact in their life. Everything was great until they made a statement telling me that because of their relationship with the Holy Spirit, they no longer studied before they went in to minister to the children. Now, they just "flowed" with the Spirit and whatever happened was a result of His leading. Believe me when I write that I did correct that error. We teach that flowing is a direct result of time with the Lord (prayer) and time in His Word. This time in His Word is also called preparation or study. That is why Paul told Timothy to "study to show yourself approved unto God". This preparation in the Word will prevent doctrinal error and keep the ministry balanced and not wacky and weird.

I came across this quote from R.C. Sproul's book The Mystery of the Holy Spirit. It is great counsel for those desiring to flow with the Holy Spirit.

"The Holy Spirit may be distinguished from the Word, but to separate the Word and the Spirit is spiritually fatal. The Holy Spirit teaches, leads, and speaks to us through the Word and with the Word, not apart from or against the Word. How grievous it is to the Holy Spirit when unbridled spirits mock God by claiming the leading of the Spirit when they are acting against the Word."

If you truly want to a Holy Ghost children's ministry, STUDY and PREPARE. Find a Word-filled curriculum or create a teaching series that will usher in the desired move of God. Walk into the service with both YOU and YOUR team ready to teach the lesson all the while being subject to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, the One who aided you in your preparation. In doing so, here will be the results.Powerful ... yes. Biblically sound and balanced ... yes. Holy Ghost sensitive ... yes. Wacky and weird ... no!

Let's keep the Holy Spirit and the Word together. In other words, place the FLOW with the KNOW and then you and your children will GROW. (I'm a poet and didn't know it.)

Monday, February 4, 2013

Are You a Tweeter?

Rather than share a brief teaching this week, allow me to share an insight into "Billy world". We all know that we aren't able to give out unless we are also taking in. So, with that in mind, I want to share a way that I receive ministry each week. It's a given that the Bible and prayer are first and foremost. And, if you've followed this blog for any period of time, you know that I am a reader. I have books everywhere ... on my desk at the office, by my chair in the family room, beside my bed, on my iPad, etc. But, what is another way that I energize my spirit?

I know that this won't sound spiritual, but Twitter provides a constant source of encouragement. The tweets are short, to the point, and thought provoking. If you haven't entered into the land of Twitter, you are missing out on a great tool. Here are some of the people that I follow:

Reinhard Bonnke - @ReinhardBonnke
Robert Morris - @PsRobertMorris
Patricia Holland - @RevPatHolland
Becky Fischer - @kidsinministry
Steven Furtick - @stevenfurtick
TF Tenney - @TFTenney
Michael Hyatt - @MichaelHyatt
Mark Batterson - @MarkBatterson
Mark Driscoll - @PastorMark
John Piper - @JohnPiper
Tommy Tenney - @TommyTenney
Lee Grady- @LeeGrady
Brian Tracy - @briantracy
Jimmy Evans - @PsJimmyEvans
Willie George - @Willie_George
Dale Hudson - @dalehudsoncm
Jim Wideman -@jimwideman

I'd love to be among the people that you add to your Twitter list. You can easily connect with me. @IamBillyBurns

I hope that you'll add this invaluable tool to your life. Right now, go to and sign up. I know that you'll thank me for the suggestion.